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The British government created Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) in 1913. The company was established under the Indian Companies Act 1882. After independence in 1947, Karachi city saw a drastic expansion of land and population. The infrastructure of the local power supply company was not able to handle such rapid demand. In 1952, the Government of Pakistan nationalized the country’s own state-owned power generation company and made a large investment in it. The government of Pakistan constructed eight new electricity generating plants with a total capacity of 513 MV planned. K-Electric Duplicate Bill Download Online option is also

The government of Pakistan initially had ownership of K-electric and then they sold a majority of shares into an Abraaj company. Now, these companies invest and improve the efficiency of the industry and power plant that it operates on. As of 2019, the Government of Pakistan owns 24% of shares in K-electric. The Abraaj Group has 66% of shares in this company.

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