K-Electric Bill Calculation

K-Electric Bill Calculation – K Electric Unit Rate – Complete Easy Guide 2023

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K-Electric is a public sector power company that has its headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan. The concessionaire of the residential areas of Karachi is KESC (Karachi Electric Supply Company), also known as K-Electric. It was founded in 1887 by the colonial British government. It supplies electricity to 1.4 million consumers. K-Electric Bill Calculation can be performed by different methods in this article we have discussed a few of them.

K-Electric Bill Calculation Method

Here are a few features of the K-electric that allow for calculative or estimative monthly bills by doing K- electric bill calculation through the help of the K-electric unit calculator. All you must do is follow the steps below for your ease. This will get you the perfect amount that you are going to be billed right after one month. There are a few differences in the bill, and these are due to the tax imposed on the bill. These taxes and their names include Income taxes, Sales Tax, Funds, Additional surcharges, Tariff rate, and any other surcharge.

K-Electric Bill Taxes

FPA: Fuel Price Adjustment charges are found on your KE electrical bill every month. These charges are based on the oil prices for an electricity producer. You can see these numbers in your monthly statement from KE.

T.R Surcharge: T.R. is short to get Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. This is NEPRA and the GOP tariff gap. When the gap is favorable, it’s going to soon be payable by GOP as “Subsidy.” But in the event of an unfavorable gap, the Distribution Business will cover GOP because of “Inter-Discount Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR)”.

Deferred Volume: This can be your bill quantity, or even after you. There are no overdue payment fees on waive charge, and your next statements may include this number in full or payments.

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC: That will be the annual rate modification level. You will observe that this number is on your monthly bill soon after every couple of weeks.

How To Use K Electric Bill Calculator

If the tariff rate is known, the K-electric bill calculator can be very useful. It takes units consumed in a particular month and gives you what you need to know using the K-electric bill calculation formula. This formula works according to the tariffs of the current year. K-electric bill estimator calculates it with a few minimal errors and provides nearly accurate results. The output is a simplified K-electric bill calculation that’s easy to follow.

  • Consumer needs to enter the number of monthly consumed units.
  • Press the calculate button that is right next to the input section of the bill.

In no time an amount appears in front of you. This is the amount that you are going to pay as your next month’s electricity bill.

Note: There are slight variations due to taxes that are imposed on the consumers by the Government of Pakistan.

K-Electric Bill Calculation Formula

K-Electric Bill Calculation is a simple process, you just need to enter the number of consumed units, and press the calculate button, placed next to the input button. In no time an amount appears in front of you. This is the amount that you are going to pay as your next month’s electricity bill. K-Electric Bill Calculation makes life easy so that we can estimate our monthly bills.

Note: There are slight variations due to taxes that are imposed on the consumers by the Government of Pakistan.

K-Electric Bill Calculation

K-Electric Tariff

A tariff is a set of charges and other conditions on electricity, including how it is generated, transmitted, and distributed. K-ELECTRIC cannot charge any tariff plan to consumers without approval from the government regulating authority (NEPRA) and notification to the government of Pakistan. Whatsoever tariff is decided by the government, those plans for different price tariffs, K-ELECTRIC will directly pass those on to NEPRA. The rates charged by the power companies depend on your usage history with those providers.

The tariff schedule of the K-ELECTRIC unit price has been approved by NEPRA and been notified by the GOVT. The schedule will be available at K-ELECTRIC offices as well as they will release them for customers on-demand for free. K-ELECTRIC will provide you with information about all the tariff terms and queries that are applicable.

You can apply during the 30 days after advance for changing your current tariff. Consumers must provide the documents required by changes in tariffs. K-ELECTRIC will approve tariff change requests after it is satisfied with the information you have provided and verified your provided information.

K-Electric Helpline

The city of Karachi is a major economic center and any power shortage there would have large-scale effects for the rest of Pakistan. K-Electric understands that pressure and guarantees total battery reliability: their engineers always promise performance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. K-electric has set up nearly 30 Customer Care Centers all over Karachi to ensure that they provide instant customer service to their consumers.

K-Electric helpline numbers are there to facilitate its consumers in any electricity-related problems. K-electric WhatsApp Service is one of the best services out there to serve its consumers promptly. It is for serving their customers, and they can now raise both Technical & Billing Complaints, Download Income Tax Certificate, Receive Duplicate Bill, learn how to apply for a New Connection, Check the power status.

To get help from the K-Electric customer care center call on this number: +92-21- 3263 7133.

SMS Registration For K-Electric Latest News

The monthly newsletter is published by the Karachi Electricity Company, K Electric, to keep residents of Karachi aware of recent developments and important information related to the energy sector. The newsletter covers all major events in the month and communicates all upcoming news.

SMS Registration For K-Electric Tenders

K Electric implemented E-Procurement recently. They are reaching out to vendors that are registered with their system. A new announcement was made that they are starting soon, K Electric will only be sharing RFQs & Tenders with the vendors that are on their system. If you need more information, please visit the Procurement Department on Block J of the first floor of the powerhouse Complex in Karachi, Pakistan.

For Further Queries, the Consumer Can Email The Company At:

  • care@ke.com.pk
  • speakup@ke.com.pk
  • netmetering@ke.com.pk.

SMS Registration For K-Electric

K-ELECTRIC SMS registration is free and provides its customers with lots of benefits such as enabling its members to track their previous bills, check registered accounts, for technical K-electric complaints, check load shedding schedule, etc. This facility can be accessed by a customer online, through SMS, or even through phone calls. So, the K-ELECTRIC previous bill inquiry is easy now, all you need to do is visit the K-ELECTRIC website and enter your details. You will then receive an email with your previous bills summary

K-Electric provides their 8119 SMS Service that offers this ability. Register and receive updates on the latest utilities to come to your area.


Consumers can calculate how much they are going to pay for their electricity usage, they can do this by using the K-ELECTRIC bill calculation tool. The online electricity bill calculator can help us do this.

The amount for the K-ELECTRIC online bill can be seen according to the K-ELECTRIC bill calculation formula. Through this calculator, K-ELECTRIC electricity bill costs can be estimated. If you still have confusion in K-Electric Bill Calculation, please feel free to write in the comment section.

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